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Today is the world of technologies and the internet. We are surrounded by technologies from everywhere. Computer android phones tablets play a very important role in this technology.
But it’s not about the devices only. This device is nothing without the internet. Is there anyone who is using these devices without internet.
The answer will be No. Now when we connecting our device with the internet, we are making a unique identity in this virtual world of the internet.
In simple words protecting our self over the internet or off the internet is our sole responsibility.
Kaspersky headquarter is in Moscow, Russia. We founded in 1997. Kaspersky Contact Number UK Support Toll-Free Helpline 0800 368 9316

We offer security products to protect your financial details, personal details or social identity etc. Some of the most popular products of Kaspersky are :
Kaspersky antivirus
Kaspersky internet security
Kaspersky virus protection
Kaspersky security
Kaspersky protection
Kaspersky computer protection
Kaspersky mobile antivirus
Kaspersky software
Kaspersky tablet security
Kaspersky small office security
Kaspersky endpoint security

If you need any help regarding Kaspersky antivirus security now dial our 24X7 Kaspersky contact number UK toll-free support helpline 0800 368 9316

Kaspersky Toll-Free Support Helpline Contact Number UK 0800 368 9316

There are some common errors found while installing the Kaspersky security

1-NET Framework error when installing a Kaspersky Lab product

If you encounter a .NET Framework error when installing a Kaspersky Lab product, follow the steps below:

Download and run the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool, a Microsoft .NET Framework troubleshooting utility.
Follow the installer instructions. Restart the computer when the installation is completed.
Retry to install your Kaspersky Lab product.

If the method above did not help, try reinstalling .NET Framework.

Remove Microsoft .Net Framework 4 (Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Uninstall/Change).
Download and install the latest version of .Net Framework 4.
If the error persists, submit a request with a detailed description of the issue to technical support:

My Kaspersky, if you are using Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky Security Cloud. For instructions, see Online Help Kaspersky support UK contact toll-free number 0800 368 9316.
Through Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console, if you are using Kaspersky Small Office Security. For instructions, see Online Help.

2- Active infection, Error message: Failed to install a Kaspersky Lab product. Your computer might be infected

During the installation of a Kaspersky Lab product, you may encounter an error caused by the presence of malware that blocks the installation of antivirus software on your computer.

To disinfect the computer, use the utilities listed below.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
If such an error occurs, the setup wizard will prompt you to download the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool utility, a special tool to disinfect your computer from viruses and other types of malware. To start working with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool:

Download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.
See how to use Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

Need Any Help Dial Kaspersky Support UK Toll Free Helpline Contact Number 0800 368 9316

Use the TDSSKiller utility to remove rootkits. To disinfect your computer using the utility, do the following:

Download TDSSKiller.
Run the TDSSKiller.exe file on the infected or probably infected computer.
Wait until scanning and disinfection process is completed and then restart the computer.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk
If it is impossible to disinfect your computer with the help of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, use Kaspersky Rescue Disk. To start working with Kaspersky Rescue Disk:

Kaspersky Contact Number UK 0800 368 9316 24X7 Support Toll Free Helpline

Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk.
Write Kaspersky Rescue Disk to a CD/DVD or a USB drive and boot your computer from it.

3- Problems installing a Kaspersky Lab application due to virus infection
When your computer is infected, malicious software may prevent Kaspersky Lab applications from being installed. Possible issues:

The installation wizard won’t start. Installation does not start after running the installation file.
The installation wizard quits before the application is installed.
The installation wizard returns an error.
The setup wizard does not start after the installation is compete.
If you experience any of these problems, try scanning your computer for viruses using one of the following free tools:

kaspersky virus removal tool
kaspersky rescue disk

4- Installation interrupted
5- Kaspersky Antivirus Error 27300
6- Kaspersky Error 1719

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